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Enrichment Class Pricing


Muya Community Center outdoor Waldorf enrichment classes are offered Monday through Thursday. Attendees are welcome to join free Naturalist Fridays with Muya community members for family hikes in local parks.

We are a vendor with Cabrillo Point Academy and accept homeschool funds up to $500/mo for children attending up to 2 days per week.

Children enrolled in our homeschool enrichment program contribute a monthly materials fee of $30 to cover costs of the more expensive art supplies we use.


Full-Day Waldorf Enrichment, 9:45am-4pm

$400/month for 1 day/week
$695/month for 2 days/week

Full-day students enjoy an organic, plant-based meal that our Muya community center parents donate each day, as well as a fruit or vegetable-based snack that the children bring and prepare themselves. Grades students rotate through 3 classes: an academic class, an art class, and a drama class. Kindergarten students engage in an art activity, storytime, and imaginative play. After snack, we have a specialty class: handwork, violin, non-violent communication, and other offerings!

Many children who attend Muya Community Center homeschooling classes opt to come 2 full days a week because our curriculum follows a Waldorf-based 2-day flow of introducing a concept on Day 1 and exploring it further on Day 2. Therefore we advocate for a Mon-Tues course of study, or a Wed-Thurs schedule. However, parents are free to send their child any day of their choice. A one-day option is available for families who want more flexibility in their schedule and want to use charter funds to cover the full-day class.

Those enrolled in the 2-day program are eligible to attend our free Naturalist Fridays (usually 3x a month), 10am-2pm.


Half-Day Enrichment, 12-2pm

$350/month for 1 day/week
$500/month for 2 days/week

For families who prefer to have their afternoons freer or who have little ones who need a shorter day, we offer a half-day enrichment option that begins at noon. Grades children rotate through  academic, art, and drama classes, while early childhood engages in a craft, story, and imaginative play.
Families using charter school funds can attend up to 2 days a week.


Á la carte Arts Intensives


We occasionally organize special arts intensives and festivals open to the public. Contact us to find out what is coming up and how you can participate!


Tuition Adjustment

July 12, 2025

If you would like to find out more about our tuition adjustment program, which makes Muya accessible to like-minded families regardless of economic status, please visit the children's classes description in our community overview.

Tuition for Children's Classes: Apply Now
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