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Waldorf Children's Classes: Image

Muya Community Center offers two kinds of outdoor Waldorf enrichment classes:

Tues-Thurs Full-day Enrichment Classes 9am-3:30pm

offered in Costa Mesa and include a main lesson class, theater/dance class, and arts class, along with games and specialty classes. Families can choose between a full-day and half-day options, coming only for main lessons at mid-day, or coming in the morning for community activities and staying for a specialty class with their friends in the afternoon.

Wednesday Nature School Day 11am-3pm

in the Tustin area and includes a hike, stories about local history, and primitive skills classes (making cordage, plant identification, baskedt-weaving, etc.) Children bring a packed lunch and water bottle to this class.

Waldorf Children's Classes: Quote

Tues-Thurs Main Lesson Days

Costa Mesa, 9am-3:30pm


Community Enrichment


-Self-directed learning

-Nature walk

-Circle: dance, limericks, & songs

-Shared plant-based, organic meal 

-AMORE Water from The Water Brewery

-Group game

(not eligible for charter funds)


Main Lesson


Class rotations in grade-specific groups:

-Main Lesson (see ML blocks 2022-23)

-Drama and dance

-Arts: watercolor, clay, colored pencil, crafting

Early Childhood has a circle time, free-play, craft, and story.


Afternoon Specialty/Kinder Aftercare


Handwork is taught throughout the year. Children vote on the other specialty classes offered each block at the beginning of the semester. Choices include:


Vision Journey

Watercolor painting

Advanced drawing




Nature journaling

Kinder enjoys a craft with Ms. Melody!

Waldorf Children's Classes: Courses

Wednesday Nature School

Tustin, 11am-3pm

This field school day gives us an opportunity to focus on the local flora and fauna around us, while challenging our perseverance to finish a hike or a bushcraft project. We split into a younger and older group during the day to meet the ability levels of different ages. Children bring a packed lunch and water bottle.

Waldorf Children's Classes: Feature
Waldorf Children's Classes: About Us

Pricing for Grades and Kindergarten Classes

Tuesday/Thursday in Costa Mesa

Wednesday in Tustin

We are a vendor with Cabrillo Point Academy and accept homeschool funds up to $500/mo for children attending up to 2 days per week.

Children enrolled in our homeschool enrichment program contribute a monthly materials fee to cover costs of the more expensive art supplies we use.

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Waldorf Children's Classes: Welcome
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