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2022-2023 Main Lesson Block Plan

At Muya we study a single subject each month, living in that world together. While we cannot cover all the humanities blocks traditionally offered in Waldorf schools each year, we do cover a different range of grades' blocks annually so that everyone will access formative mythologies and histories of the world over the course of 3-4 years.
Here are the lands we are visiting this year:

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Stories of the Saints


Grades 1-2: Phonics, spelling patterns

Grades 3-5: Parts of speech, punctuation, summarization

Grades 6-7: Expository writing, paragraph form, sentence structure

América: Aztec, Inca, and Quechua Mythologies


Grades 1-2: The 4 operations

Grades 3-5: The 4 operations with fractions (common denominators)

Grades 6-7: Mixed fractions, unit conversions, negative square roots

Norse Mythology


Grades 1-2: Vowel families, consonant blends, cursive letters from running forms

Grades 3-5: Verb tense, story re-telling, differentiating between one's own and another's opinion

Grades 6-7: Transitive, intransitive, and infinitive verb forms; modal verbs; reading archaic language in verse

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Grades 1-2: Roman numerals, place value, number line

Grades 3-5: Place value to one million, number line, telling time, history of the calendar

Grades 6-7: Decimals, percentage, comparative calendars (Chinese, Hindu, Julian), time lines



Grades 1-2: Local geological formations and their minerals, math gnomes revisited

Grades 3-5: Local formations, rock cycles, California mining history, mapping

Grades 6-7: Local formations, mineral composition, crystal formation, geometry

Botany and Anatomy


Grades 1-2: Local plant identification, herbalism, experiencing leaf adaptations

Grades 3-5: Nature journaling, modes of plant reproduction, herbalism, man and animal

Grades 6-7: Nature journaling, modes of plant and animal reproduction, herbalism, mammalian body systems, theories of disease

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Medieval History
(Class Play)


Grades 1-2: Spelling patterns, verse recitation, summarization

Grades 3-5: Recitation, synonyms, antonyms, comparatives, sentence structure

Grades 6-7: Recitation, the writing process, comparative essay-writing

California History


Grades 1-2: Local geography, place value, 4 operations to 2-digit numbers

Grades 3-5: Mapping, measurement, Fraction equivalency (factoring, simplifying, mixed numbers), working with mixed denominators

Grades 6-7: Colonialism in mapping, presenting data in tables and charts, sea navigation and nautical terms, conversions between metric and imperial systems


Medieval Games and Review


Review of the year's work from May to September! Recollections, insights, conclusions.

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