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About Muya

Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit

It is the mission of the Muya Enrichment community center to provide families with support for socially-connected, eco-friendly, personal development that recognizes and fosters each person’s creative potential, whether they be children or adults!

As we choose to act in positive ways worthy of others' imitation, we open ourselves to more profound understandings of ourselves, each other, and our surroundings. Approaching the world and each new day with a spirit of wonder, returning back to our intrinsic playfulness, we rejuvenate ourselves and enliven others. We become empowered to create something with intention and grace: a drawing, a dance, a new relationship, a business plan, a clearer sense of self. Pursuing our projects, we grow, we have more to offer, and we enrich our community.

The community center currently offers daily organic meals, Waldorf-inspired arts-based classes for children, educational programming for parents, and community-wide festivals and events.

The programming that Muya Enrichment provides speaks to the needs of two specific groups in Orange County:

  • families who want be a part of a community that affirms their values of engaging in sustainable, non-toxic, nourishing, quality arts-based activities but do not have recourse to traditional community groups who would support them in these endeavors (religious groups, neighborhood communities, extended family)

  • single parents who would like to educate their children themselves but must work during the day to support their family’s material needs

The Muya community center is a branch of the eco-village project, Mother Tree Sanctuary.

Click here for an overview of our community activities.

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Meet Our Board

Planting a Thriving, Wholistic Community


Wennifer Lin Haver, PhD

Currently mothering three children (ages 27, 23 and 14) and a local green business, The Water Brewery, with her husband and lifemate, Einar Haver, Wennifer sees herself as a "mother tree" to many.  She hopes that Mother Tree Sanctuary will one day grow into a global forest of conscious, matristic eco-communities that serve to honor and protect our present and future generations of all children and their families. Bright Blessings!


Kathrine Lemen

Kathrine is a credentialed California state teacher who taught middle school and high school math for nine years. For seven years she has been teaching GED and job preparation classes in the Orange County jails through Santiago Canyon College. And she taught handwork in multiple grade levels at the Waldorf-inspired charter school in Huntington Beach, Sycamore Creek Community Charter School.


Crystal Hickerson

Crystal is passionate about clean, ethical food systems and wholistic learning/healing/creation. She has worked alongside the crew at The Water Brewery in Costa Mesa the past two years, building a vision of creating Mother Tree Sanctuary ecovillage. Having trained as a Waldorf teacher at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California, as well as at the Waldorf School of Orange County, she taught grades 3-5 at Sycamore Creek Community Charter School before offering enrichment classes to homeschoolers.

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