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Unlocking Our Creative Potential

MUYA's programming offers people of all ages opportunities to connect and grow together in arts-based, service-focused activities.


We celebrate seasonal holidays together as a community; some of our favorite festivals include:

  • Michaelmas

  • Martinmas

  • St. Nicholas Day

  • Solstice Spiral Walk

  • May Faire

In addition to these seasonal festivals,  we host a bi-monthly potluck at which the children can present their work to parents and friends in a science-fair or performance-based style, and everyone can celebrate the children’s work together with a shared meal.

Adult Events

Parent events include adult hikes, paint nights, crafting circles, a women's movement class, and some adult retreats for next year.

Daily Organic Meals and Pure Water

Offered as a gift from our sponsor The Water Brewery is an organic snack as well as AMORE water that is purified, alkalized, vortexed, oxygenated, restructured, and mineralized. All the food they provide free of charge is organic, dairy and gluten-free, fresh, plant-based, and multicultural.

Children's classes

Children's classes provide a space for children to learn in small cohorts in which they each develop awareness of their responsibility to themselves, their friends, and the surrounding natural habitat.

Learning in mixed-age groups designed around Rudolf Steiner's understanding of child development promotes student mentorship and instruction as those who find math or reading or drawing easy are directed by their teacher in how to act in service and help their peers. Each child's talents are celebrated--the girl who draws amazing horses, the boy who reads a novel a week, the child who runs faster than anyone else--and each person in the class is encouraged to use their talents to serve others while also graciously receiving help from others.

Our Waldorf-based curriculum is designed to speak to children's innate love of stories and desire to create, as each child records their journey through different humanities blocks in a sketchbook or main lesson book that she composes as she processes the class material. Diverse arts-based classes are offered daily through community partners who come and share their skills with the Muya children. We prioritize interacting with calmness and gentleness, to instill a feeling of reverence for self and others.

Families can choose to attend a variety of classes offered by the teachers we organize to visit the community center  Monday-Thursday. We meet outdoors to help children connect with the natural flora and fauna where they live and honor their need for diverse kinds of movement. Children will learn to identify local plants and how people have used them for food and medicine. They will watch the seasonal changes in the natural world around them and learn that there is a time and place for everything.

Families paying for classes with charter school funds may sign up for 1-2 main lesson classes per week on either a monthly or semester schedule. We also have á la carte options. Please contact us for pricing and tuition adjustment options. Below is a list of arts-intensives that are held at the center as well that you can book through those teachers' websites.

Because we believe that we learn more from each other the more diverse we are, and because we believe everyone’s time and labor are valuable, we strive to make the Muya children's program accessible to anyone who is a good fit with our values, regardless of income level. Feel free to ask us about tuition adjustment options after reading about our TA Program.

Community Overview: Our Mission
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