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Helping Each Other Grow

“Muya” is an Atayal word from northern Taiwan that means “to plant.” 

At the Muya Community Center, we are planting a village of families who, like the mother trees of forests, intertwine with each other and consciously share their resources to create a thriving environment for growth.

We offer

*Outdoor Waldorf homeschool enrichment classes

*Monthly family events

*Adult-only classes and social events

*Daily organic, plant-based meals

*AMORE water from The Water Brewery

At Muya we support self-actualization for people of all ages in an environment of community support and artisan-based learning.

What skills, companionship, and connections do you want to share? What do you want to plant with us?

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Open Enrollment for 2023-2024 Homeschool Enrichment Classes

Information about our daily schedule, curriculum and rates is *here.*

Half-day and full-day enrichment programs are available, with spots in our kindergarten and grades 1-8 classes. 

Contact us through our inquiry form  button below and we will follow up with you based upon

placement availability.

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Parent Testimonials

"I was excited to witness my child's confidence soar while being nurtured and encouraged within the Muya community. Usually a more quiet person in a public setting, she now stands up in front and speaks clearly and loudly. She's finding her heart-based VOICE!"

"I love that my child is growing in self-confidence and autonomy, his love and curiousity of nature, and branching out with new foods."

"My child's writing is improved--his ability to write longer and more quality work."

"Artisanship and leadership!"

"My child has been progressing so quickly on recorder that he has been enjoying these songs outside of class and playing the songs for us."

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MUYA Visit Day
Thursday, Jan 25th, 10:30-2:30pm

Contact us to RSVP your child's spot!

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Muya Community Center

Fostering Mentorship, Understanding, Youthfulness, and Artisanship

Tustin, CA

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